Nerds Unite 2020: IT experts to discuss digital economy

Mainone will be bringing together About 500 Information Technology (IT) professionals for its Nerds Unite 2020, West Africa’s largest gathering of IT professionals.

Nerds Unite has been bringing together West African and global IT community together since 2016 through conferences, exhibitions, breakout sessions, and networking activities.

Tayo Ashiru, Head of Marketing MainOne, made this known in Lagos on Monday.

He spoke on expectations for this year’s event, themed ”Enabling the Digital Economy”.

Ashiru said that for four years, Nerds Unite had delivered powerful technology insights and networking opportunities for organizations and tech enthusiasts.

The event has had over 3,000 participants since inception, Nerds Unite had showcased leading technology solutions available locally and globally.

The event which hosted major players in the international and local IT industry had improved the nation’s digital economy.

According to Ashiru, this year we expect that with our panel of dynamic speakers, partners and launch of our managed Cloud Services, the energy around Nerds Unite 2020 will be electrifying.

”These developments will help accelerate the digital transformation across all sectors and the Information Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystem in West Africa, supported by technological innovation and world-class partners.

”This year’s edition is set to further empower the tech ecosystem with the industry’s latest developments.

”It will center on unique perspectives on Cloud Computing targeted at C-Level executives and IT professionals of blue-chip organizations across West Africa,” Ashiru said in a statement.

According to him, this year’s event will showcase the launch of our Managed Cloud Services in partnership with Microsoft and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Operated by Selection.

He added that the event will feature presentations and panel discussions on Cloud adoption, Cloud migration and all things Cloud with MainOne and its global partners.

He said that it would Feature over 10 speakers from global tech companies and West African Corporate organizations.

Nerd 2020 speakers

Nerds Unite 2020, to be held on Feb. 21 in Lagos, is designed to facilitate discussions on trending developments in the IT sector to help professionals deliver increased value to their organizations.