NEW: Amazon offers free courses on machine learning

Are you a software engineer or programmer?

Amazon, one of the world’s leading tech giants is offering to train techies on machine learning.

And guess what?

It’s completely free!

With focus on Artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning, these courses will cover machine-learning building blocks, building machine-learning applications, computer vision and natural language processing.

“Coursework helps consolidate best practices, and demonstrates how to get started on a range of AWS machine-learning services, including Amazon SageMaker, AWS DeepLens, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, and Amazon Comprehend,” said Dr Matt Wood, AWS’s general manager of artificial intelligence.

Trainees will have the chance to validate their knowledge about machine learning, such as which approach is optimal for a given business problem, and which AWS services to use for a machine-learning application.

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