Nigeria to embark on research-driven education

The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), says it will drive more experiments into the Nigerian educational curriculum.

Speaking in Abuja, Prof. Ismail Jinadu, the Executive Secretary of NERDC, said this had become necessary as research-based education would help create local solutions to local problems; thereby speeding up national development.

“When you do lots of experiments by using different objects, elements and so on, it will reduce the problem of science being just abstract.

“We know some of the things in science are abstract but we have to find a way of showing them to be as tangible as possible.

“The core of science is mathematics but you would find that many people hate mathematics because of the teaching methods.

“Now, there is now a modern method we are getting and we have to intensify efforts on it in making Mathematics very easy,” he said.

According to Ismail, the only way to make educational teaching interactive is by doing lots of experiments, so it will not just be the teacher dominating.

“Activities are what would attract the interest more; when they interact, they become part and parcel of the subject.
“Students naturally love what they can relate with, so making the science subjects more simplified makes them easily understandable and what you understand you easily apply.

“Since science is the bedrock of technology, and technology goes with development,  the council is doing all it can to make our science curriculum friendly so that we will not be left behind,’’ Ginadu said.