Nigerian startups target livestock industry

Farmcrowdy, a leading Nigerian agro-tech startup, is partnering with Best Foods Livestock and Poultry Limited, one of Nigeria’s most respected agribusiness companies to increase investment in the country’s livestock sector.

The partnership will deepen the offerings in the agricultural space in terms of proper organisation and profitable deployment of funds to key areas of production and trading.

This arrangement is expected to improve the quality of meat production and processing practices in alignment with international standards, becoming the best source of processed meat in Nigeria, eventually eliminating the need for the importation of processed meat.

The good news is that this partnership was mid-wifed by Livestock247, an online livestock market established to bring together buyers, sellers and other key players in the livestock value chain. 


Experts have always argued that a stronger collaboration amongst Nigerian startups would help in opening up the various sectors of the nation’s economy.

This new partnership would create an effective value chain for Nigeria’s livestock market, which has over 43% of the livestock population in West Africa.