RAD5 Tech hub trains 300 children on coding, computer skills

RAD5 Tech hub, an Information Technology company, has held a free training of 300 children in its Teen Hack Inclusive Project (TIP) for the year.

Igwe Uguru, Co-founder of RAD5 Tech hub disclosed this in Abuja.

TIP is a summer social enterprise programme of RAD5 Tech Hub aimed at teaching, intimating kids and teenagers with hands-on technological skills.

The project exposes children from the ages of six to 17 to knowledge of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ugura said the Teen Hack programme for the summer break started was held concurrently in Abia and Oyo states.

“As an innovation hub, we are intentional about the early exposure of kids to quality technology education.

“We believe it has the potency to spark up creativity and innovation that will tackle problems in the community.

“We are also looking at situations where these kids are exposed to opportunities and entrepreneurial mindset that can help them to create jobs in the future.

“This year, we are extending Teen Hack to three Local Government Areas in Abia State and in Iseyin, Oyo State, which will help us reach and impact over 300 kids and teenagers,” Guru said.

Peter Akwa, Teen Hack Programme Coordinator, said they hope for more participation from girls and children living with disabilities.

According to Akwa, the skills they will acquire will give them an edge in the society.

“We are changing the narrative when it comes to early exposure to technology by young people.

“It is a responsibility that we do not take for granted,“ Akwa said.

The pilot phase of Teen Hack project started in Aba, Abia State in 2015 and over 1,000 children have been trained on WordPress for websites, developing mobile apps and interactive, educative games.