Safety tips to WhatsApp users

An IT expert, Obiageli Uju has urged users of the chatting App, WhatsApp to take safety measures to safeguard their devices and accounts from being hacked.

Uju, the founder of LinksHub, says people must protect their internet connected phones/devices from theft or hacking.

He said it is equally important for users to protect important Apps, such as WhatsApp that may contain vital data, from hackers.

“With the way hackers are operating in this age, they can hack into any software or device if they want to, so sometimes it is not enough to only password your phone.

“It will be safe for people to also protect very important Apps on their phones or other devices which contains vital personal information that can be used for online criminal activities,’’ she said.

Uju explained that chatting Apps that are unprotected can be hacked by online fraudsters to perpetrate fraud.

“In other for your WhatsApp not to be hijacked for online extortion, impersonation used to spread fake news, users can go to settings on their WhatsApp.

“Click on account, click on two-step verification, it will ask for a PIN twice.

“Use a simple, easy to remember PIN. It will also request for your email address, you are required to enter that too,’’ she said.

Uju assured that by adhering to the safety tips, users’ WhatsApp accounts cannot be hacked for criminal purposes.