Satellite company to provide E-health services to Nigeria’s rural communities

The Nigerian health sector is about to witness a make-over as Avanti Communications – a Satellite Company – will introduce E-health in Nigeria to boost  health services in the country.

Using broadband services, the target will be rural communities.

Jane Egerton-Idehen, Country Manager/Sales Avanti Communications, said the company planned to introduce such scheme, soon in Nigeria as parts of its efforts to complement health services, especially in the rural areas.

She said that the company had discovered that most rural populace did not have access to rural health services, adding that E-health services would facilitate peoples’ access to rural healthcare, especially in the rural areas.

According to her, with the telemetric and E-health services, people can also have normal basic health appliances that have the ability to connect to the crowd and boost health services.

“When we have broadband services in  health centres designated in  rural areas, invariably, the dwellers can have access to doctors and specialists to treat them of chronic diseases.

“A specialist that doesn’t need to be present physically can attend to them via the broadband and internet services.


Avanti is a world-leading provider of agile, secure and pioneering satellite technology across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

“With over 1.2 billion dollars invested in our Ka-band HYLAS satellite fleet and ultra-secure ground infrastructure, we are enabling businesses, governments and people in over 118 countries to be more secure, empowered and prosperous.

“Our network of high-throughput satellites and dual-redundant Gateway Earth Stations enable our team on the ground to go extra mile even in the most remote or demanding of situations in offering satellite services.

“We believe in making impact, using our technology to educate people children on health and other issues in Africa,” she said.

Avanti Communications has set up a partnership with Papersoft and Pan African Towers, both Telecom Service Provider.

He stressed that security remained the most challenging problem facing the company as an infrastructure provider in the country.