Say goodbye to bad service – Feedbackhall is here for you!

An independent online website has been formally launched in Lagos for protection of the rights of consumers and producers.

The website known as ‘Feedbackhall’ will give consumers and producers the opportunity to send feedbacks on products and services.

Pat Utomi, Professor of Political Economics, said at the launch that the platform would relieve many consumers being hurt but lacked outlets to complain.

“There is the need for people to be assisted to find their voices; in consumer protection, I don’t think that the civil society has done enough, neither has media.

“Consumer protection needs part of activism from the media and other organised people to help those complaining to find their voices. Getting realistic feedback is critical for competiveness,” Utomi, said.

The professor said that aim of Feedbackhall should be how producers and consumers should get better.

In a keynote address, the Director-General, Consumer Protection Council (CPC), Babatunde Irukera, said that information was key in the protection of consumers and producers’ rights.

Irukera spoke on: “Information as a Tool of Accountability”.

“There is no space abused in our country than the consumer space. Full disclosure to consumers is not just the best but the only dimension that would modify content.

“It is more important now that technology changes everything and improves everything,’’ he said.

He advised the owner of the website, Dr Catherine Kanu, to determine to overcome any discouragement.

“You are providing a critical interphase that industries may not necessarily be ready to support.’’

Mathias Bassey, who represented the Director-General, Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), described Feedbackhall as an eye-opener.

Bassey said that SON’s Feedback Unit would partner with Feedbackhall to promote protection of the rights of consumers and producers.

The Chief Executive Officer, Feedbackhall, Kanu, said that the aim of the website was to give consumers the power to drive innovation and change products.

Kanu said that it would encourage sharing and effective utilisation of product experiences for the benefit of society.

According to her, Feedbackhall would encourage consumers to provide feedbacks on products and services and encourage producers to use feedbacks to develop user-centred innovative products.

“Feedbackhall believes that these aims have a mutual relationship because, as consumers share experiences, responsive producers could use the information to improve their products,’’ she said.

According to her, new entrepreneurs will also benefit from the website by using shared experiences as a guide to develop products, while researchers will obtain reliable information and consumers’ protection and regulatory agencies gain insight into consumer issues.