Skusat Offering Mild Grant to Help Kickstart your Business

Skusat is offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to kick start their business idea by offering them Mild grant

The Skusat Program is an initiative of Langley Torrent; a Virtual Cloud Software Integration Company. This slate is being geared by an intellectual board with astute oversight and unparalleled dedication to community initiatives focused solely on youth empowerment.

So start Start penning down your small business ideas as you could be among the individuals to obtain a mild support fund between N50,000 and up to N150,000 this March.

The listed procedures below would be observed before you can be successfully inducted into the entrepreneurship foundation program.

How To register

  • Visit their website and submit the required details in the form herein to receive your application number within 24hrs.
  • Once shortlisted for induction into the S.E.F program, an eligibility confirmation SMS will be sent to you on the 9th of March.
  • Sequel to the SMS confirmation, you would be required to procure a passcode which would enable you submit your business plan via an exclusive portal. The passcode is a N1,000 scratch card pin which would be sent to you via SMS.
  • Your idea will be reviewed and scrutinized for viability. Should your business plan be selected, you will receive a grant from the Skusat Entrepreneurial Foundation program on the 19th of March.

To Register Click HERE