Solar-powered car inventor advocates promotion of solar technology

Moses Onoja, an inventor of the solar-powered car and an environmental advocate, has called on the Federal Government to embrace solar energy innovations to promote a healthy and safe environment.

Onoja, a solar energy innovation specialist made the call in Lagos on Saturday.

Onoja, the inventor of SECODI solar energy cars and other solar products, said there was a need to reduce the use of fuel causing health challenges in the environment.

He called on the government to provide a fair playing ground for innovators to function in the country and to promote scientific technology.

“Currently we own the design for the vehicles as Nigeria don’t have most of the materials needed for the production but recently we discovered one of the major parts for assembling of the solar panel – Galina.

 “The technology is in collaboration with India and China and we hope to bring it into Nigeria so that the cost will reduce from its current price of N6.5 million to about N3 million, for easy accessibility by Nigerians,’’ he said.

He said that the SECODI site for the plant was already in Makurdi for mass production of the car.

We have both the saloon cars and the SUV type of cars,’’ Onoja said.

He noted that the batteries produced by the company could last four years.

SECODI solar car is a technology aimed at reducing the excessive use of fuel released into the atmosphere.