Spring Chat: Nigeria’s answer to Telegram, Whatsapp?

The advent of multi-platform messaging service in the last decade, social interaction and communication has never been the same.

From Whatsapp to Telegram and Signal, the global integration on communication through this multi-billion dollars industry has been enormous.

While Telegram currently has over 500 million users, its rival Whatsapp commands a whooping 2.5 billion monthly subscribers.

The figures indicate that the market is not yet saturated and there is more room for new players to cover.

Well, it is safe to say Nigeria may have found its own multi-platform messaging service – Spring Chat.

What is Spring Chat?

It is a social platform that allows users communicate with each other effectively,.

They can chat, message each other, send files, users can make both video and audio calls.

It was created by Oriabure Eromhosele, young software developer from Edo State in Southern Nigeria.

Spring Chat allows users find accounts on the device while also enabling them add or remove accounts as they so wish.

Users can network with friends using the chat, and continue conversations in the friends’ messenger section.

Tests carried out by Technopreneur shows that Spring Chat has a fast processing speed, high sound and video quality during calls.

More details on Spring Chat will be made available in due course.

To get this interesting app, download from GOOGLE PLAY.