Suspended .ng Internet Domain Registrar Reinstated.

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) says it has lifted the ban on the suspended dotng (.ng) registrar –

The Chief Operating Officer, NIRA, Mrs Edith Udeagu said in a statement on Wednesday in Lagos that the .ng Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) registrar was suspended for refusing to render required services to registrants.

Udeagu said that the suspension was lifted because the registrar had responded to NIRA within the allowed grace period.

She said that on March 24, an official representative of Hannu Internet, Corp PVT LTD, the manager of, informed the .ng Registry that since March 20, the organisation had re-opened its support channels.

According to her, the official says the registrar has started resolving clients’ queries and preparations for full operations as an .ng accredited registrar.

”The officer also reported how they are cooperating with their clients to provide them with support and other services beyond registering .ng domain names.

”The NIRA board has evaluated and assessed the situation of

”Hannu Internet Corp PVT Ltd. has responded to the .ng Registry within the allowed grace period with an outline on its dealings with its clients and its eagerness to return to full operations.

”As from Monday, March 27, 2017, NIRA has lifted the temporary suspension of Hannu Internet Corp PVT Ltd.,” she said.

Udeagu however said that the registrar would not be able to register new domains for another two weeks as the .ng registry continued to monitor its activities and the way it resolved pending customer issues.

She said that during the period that was not available to attend to its .ng clients, those clients who requested for the transfer and renewal of their .ng domain names were able to do so.