These 8 Apps and websites will help you prepare for the Holiday Season

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It’s no longer news that the holiday season is upon us, whether you choose to prepare and plan for the season or not it will surely come and go, a lot of people take the whole year to prepare for the holiday season while some just let it pass like other days, As the season approaches Fast here are some interesting apps and website to help you prepare so you can get the best out of the season.

From relaxation to productivity or shopping to learning something new whatever you have decided to do this holiday season these apps and websites can help you out.

1. Loona

This app combines color therapy, sound ambiance, and storytelling to help you let go of daily fuss and get a better night’s rest. getting proper rest this period is so important Loona can get you into a deep sleep, Well so if relaxation is your goal this holiday season you should download this app now.2.


Out with the old, in with the new. Use to sell the things you don’t need, and find the things you do. We already know it’s a custom for most people to discard old stuff during the holiday season to create space for the new well you can still make some small cash from the old if you sell them, will help you sell them fast.

3. Give

If part of your plan this coming holiday season is to give to charity then can help you find a nonprofit that aligns with a cause you care about. It works like a search engine for nonprofits.

4. Tayl

Are you thinking of giving your eyes rest this holiday period, maybe you should after all the lengthy times in front of the computer, relaxing your eyes may not be a bad idea, well Tayl got you covered, Tayl turns all your articles, blogs, reports, and more into a podcast, and you listen to them while you’re on the go.


Getting started on holiday shopping? you can take advantage of the black Friday discount sales to do your shopping now as you prepare for the holiday season.

6. Strong

If your goal this coming holiday season is more exercise then Find creative workouts and exercises to squeeze into even the busiest of seasons with the help of the Strong app. it’s the simplest, most intuitive workout tracking experience.


Learn something new during the holiday season and take a DIY approach to gift-giving this season! Knit your own scarves, sweaters, and mittens with Kniterate.

8. Mindshine

Stay present and mindful this holiday season with the help of Mindshine, an all-in-one app for personal development and wellbeing.