Thrive Agric – Using technology to change agric financing

Improving service delivery is paramount to business success.

For most Nigerians involved in agriculture, securing finance or capital has always been a challenge.

Well, not anymore.

Thrive Agric is a leading startup that gives farmers the opportunity to access funds needed for business expansion – using technology.

It also provides driven advisory services for farmers and access to markets.

To ensure efficiency, Thrive Agric deploys extension workers are deployed on all farms, who in-turn report to a consulting team.

A custom app which collates data of farmers and farm operations helps farmers receive automated SMS based on crops they plant.

Thrive Agric ensures that all activities are data-driven.

To this end, co-ordinates of farms and crops planted, weekly satelitte images, soil condition and other analysis are taken to ensure right predictions on weather conditions and yield.

Besides ensuring farmers have a successful season, they are provided with some of the best agricultural inputs, while ensuring that the farming activities are monitored with good returns assured.

They go the extra mile to ensure all farms go through insurance with Leadway assurance such that regardless of what goes wrong, subscribers capital are insured.

How it works


Decide to subscribe to a farm by creating an account; you can use  your email to get started.



Choose a farm or farms and the quantity you want, then proceed to pay the  subscription fee .
This can be done online and with the aid of our standby staff to ease you through the process.
Payment  will be reflected in your account immediately.
Get multimedia updates from happenings on the farm and farmers lives, the updates will help you keep track of events and offer  practical knowledge on the process of production, from start to finish.
Upon successful harvest, expected returns of proceeds from produce are sold and distributed to the subscribers all within the stipulated time.
Expected returns is as stipulated in the farms.