Tibu builds on e-health breakthrough in Kenya, secures seed funding

Kenyan health e-health startup Tibu has within a short span made a massive inroad into Kenya’s health sector.

To this end, Tibu has provided home healthcare services such as on-demand medical consultation and collection of samples for diagnostics test.

Its services span routine check-up with patent-pending health kits that allow general and physical care for coughs, colds, stomach problems, aches and pains, and over 20 tests.

So far its efforts have paid off during the COVID-19 pandemic with over 5000 Kenyans benefitting from its home-based services.

Now the Kenyan startup has secured seed funding from Japan and the United States.

First Japanese firm Kepple Africa Ventures has made a two-pronged investment which would see Tibu expand its services.

Then an American venture Blue Haven has also made an undisclosed investment.

As Tibu’s portfolio investment rises, it is expected that the Kenyan health pioneer will increase capacity by using other technologies such as drones, blockchain and robotics.

Currently, it uses mass adoption of  mobile phones, innovations in personal mobility and the advance of  medical technologies to healthcare delivery for Kenyans worth the while.