Tiktok Testing In-app Gaming and Livestreaming

Tiktok continues to grow in usage across  several countries in the world, Nigeria is not excluded in 2020 they gained a 31,9% market share in Nigeria and have fast increased that figure as of today,

In other to increase engagement on the platform and keep users on the platform they started testing in-app games,  Its games will draw from the library of ByteDance, its parent company.

This isn’t the first time users will find a mini-game on the app. The platform has already tried it with Garden of Good, a Farmville-like experience, in which they teamed up with Feeding America. Players earn points in the game that can be used to make a donation. they also announced a partnership with Zynga, Farmville’s developer to make Disco Loco 3D last year. but it looks like they are fully ready to roll out.

The company will start with minigames that feature simple gameplay mechanisms and short playing time. They are also likely to have advertisements and the revenue will be split between ByteDance and game developers.

This certainly will mean more revenue for the company.


The company has also tested streaming software for games with Live Studio for PCs, in which they let specific creators add more interactivity by adding mini-apps in videos.

Rumor has it that the platform is also working on several features for live streaming, such as games to further help streamers engage with their viewers. One of them is a Pictionary-like game, a treasure box gifting experience that produces coins to random views after a specific period, and a shopping experience that lets viewers browse through products from a livestream.