Uber to Play Ads on App While Waiting for Your Ride

Ride-hailing tech company, Uber, will soon introduce a new ad program that will appear on users’ experience when hiring its services for all transportation needs. First off, it will center on having advertisements appear on the app after users have booked their ride and while waiting for the driver to arrive at their pickup location.

On the other hand, there are also plans to install tablets inside cars and it will play video ads that will run while the customer is en route to their destination.

The advertisements will play whenever a person finds a ride and waits for their driver to arrive at their location. This was shared by one of Uber’s executives, Mark Grether, saying that the main Uber app would be showing the customers ads whenever the app is used or active.

It seems like the ads would only stop when a user closes the app or when the driver already arrives at their pickup location and the ride starts.

t was also said that Drizly, a company that Uber owns, will also install tablets in the cars so that ads will also run during rides, and would play for users to watch.

It is still unknown if these would be silent ads that would play or would have sounds and potentially disrupt the silence, especially if a customer prefers the quiet