Ventures Platform Foundation hosts round-table on effective FinTech expansion

The Start-Up ecosystem is seen by many as one of the fastest ways of bringing needed skills set acquisition and the eventual gainful engagement of Africa’s rising young population.

To a large extent, one key sub-sector chiefly in the driver’s seat in this regard is FinTech.

But some experts now insist that organizational design – aims, objectives, business strategy and mission – are critical to ensuring the longevity of Start-Ups, especially those involved in FinTech.

This formed part of deliberations of the Nigerian FinTech Week 2020 held at the Ventures Park in Abuja.

The event attracted representatives from the office of the Vice President, UNDP Nigeria, NITDA, startups, innovation hubs, and other stakeholders.

It was agreed that effective and synchronized policies must be implemented to breed an inclusive and transformative tech ecosystem.

It was also agreed that more resources must be dedicated to Research and Development (R&D) in universities, include communication and M&E strategies in every policy to track progress & allow for proper implementation and transparency.

The Nigerian Start-Up week is held annually to assess the impact of disruptive solutions to various sectors of national life.