Vice President Prof Osinbanjo and the Technology Startup Ecosystem in Nigeria

The vice president of the federal republic of Nigeria Prof Yemi Osinbajo without doubt is a strong believer is the importance of technology startups to a nations economy, His love for the tech startups ecosystem in the country cannot be overrated in any way.

The vice president Prof Yemi Osinbajo has proved his love for tech startups in the country by the numerous support and visits and the creation of an enabling environment to ensure they succeed, Through the year the vice president visited several startups and also supported several programs it was like he was the minister of technology Startup in Nigeria because of his pure show of love for startups in the country.

Tax Holidays for Technology Startups

“On the part of government, we are putting our money where our mouth is. We believe it is our role to provide the environment where innovation can thrive, so, we are including technology start-ups and businesses in our list of businesses eligible for pioneer status and that means tax holidays.

Yes that was the vice president speaking while commissioning one of the largest Vibranium Valley, a hub for technology and innovation start-ups in Lagos Nigeria, Granting technology startups in the country tax holidays is surely a major form of motivation.

Business Registration Reduction

“So, I am pleased to announce that the Federal Government, through the Corporate Affairs Commission, has approved a special window of 90 days from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 to register businesses at a considerably reduced rate of N5000 only, down from as much as N10,000 previously.
“This will afford more MSMEs an opportunity to formalise their businesses.”

The comment above by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in Enugu at the launch of the 19th edition of the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Clinics.

MSME Clinic

The MSME Clinic a program of the Federal Government but was strongly supported by the Vice president helped Technology startups around the country to publicize their products and services, it created an enabling environments for key stakeholders in the technology startup ecosystem in the country to interact and discuss challenges. the vice president was part of the train that moved to several part of the country with the MSME clinic

The Vice president displays a high sense of believe in the viability of technology startups in the country he took out time to visit several hubs for technology startup in the country where he interacted with several startups

this without doubt was a source of encouragement to startup in the technology ecosystem in the country.

The vice president visited CC-Hub, Andela, Flutterwave and Paystack, farmcrowdy during one of his tour of technology startups in Lagos. speaking during the tour he said

Technology, innovation and youth entrepreneurship cannot be ignored. While government is committed to stimulating growth in the economy through wooing offshore investors, and providing softer pads for ease of doing business, the government also recognizes that investing in the country’s youth is a cardinal pathway to building sustainable growth

The vice president also visited Ventures platform a hub for technology startups in Abuja, technology startups in the hub had the opportunity to meet the vice president.

There is so much innovations out there i am really proud about what I see here and you can be sure we have your back”

The vice presidents love for Tech startup made him collaborate with Edo State Governor to set up a South-South Innovation Hub in the Benin to help build the technology ecosystem.

Vice President Prof Osinbajo at Silicon Valley

The president love for the tech startup ecosystem also made him visit Hollywood and silicon valley where he pitched Nigeria’s tech ecosystem to global leaders

The vice president has showed support and trust for the technology startup ecosystem in the country and without doubt his love for the technology startup ecosystem cannot be denied.