Volvo selects Ericsson to provide technology for cloud-powered vehicles

Ericsson has been selected by Volvo Car Group to provide the industrialised Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud (CVC) platform, to further enable its digital vehicle services in more than 120 markets worldwide for the next five years.

Åsa Tamsons, Head of Business Area Technologies and New Businesses, Ericsson, made this known on Thursday.

She said that Volvo Car Group, like other major players in the automotive industry, was increasing focus on securing high-quality connected vehicle services, as digitalisation increased the importance of software services.

Tamsons said that the services would also benefit from the increased speed, low-latency and capacity for mission critical applications, such as autonomous driving, that commercial 5G networks would enable.

“This deal will enable Volvo Car Group to provide car owners and drivers with its latest developments in connected car digital services such as automation, fleet management, telematics, navigation, and infotainment, ‘’ she said in a statement.

Tamsons noted that with digital services increasingly becoming a differentiation factor for automotive consumers, the need for a secure and dependable service provision infrastructure was critical to provide quality service.

She said that was what the Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud delivered; meeting Volvo Cars’ high services, applications availability and stability expectations.

Tamsons noted that it allowed Volvo Car Group to focus on the value creation of connected vehicle digital customer experiences as a differentiator.

According to her, Ericsson is providing a global platform for connected services to Volvo Cars.

She said that the company was doing that by removing complexity in areas such as data legislation, storage management and improving services latency.

Tamsons said that the platform would enhance the overall user experience of Volvo Cars’ connected services.

“Ericsson Connected Vehicle Cloud platform will result in rapid innovation and the faster launch of new services to the benefit of Volvo Cars’ partners and customers.

“The new platform enables the latest development in telematics, infotainment, navigation, automation, and fleet management,‘’ Tamsons said in statement.