WhatsApp has a new addition – Stickers

To boost user experience, popular app WhatsApp has added stickers.

The company says the stickers will be available to android and iOS owners in a couple of weeks.

“Whether with a smiling teacup or a crying broken heart, stickers help you share your feelings in a way that you can’t always express with words. To start, we’re launching sticker packs created by our designers at WhatsApp and a selection of stickers from other artists,” it said in a statement.

Besides adding support for third-party sticker packs to allow designers and developers around the world to create stickers, WhatsApp has included a set of APIs and interfaces that allows users build sticker apps that add stickers to both on Android or iOS.

You can publish your sticker app like any other app to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and users who download and install your app will be able to start sending those stickers right from within WhatsApp. You can learn more about creating your own sticker apps for WhatsApp,” the company said.

How does it work?

To use stickers in a chat, simply tap the new sticker button and select the sticker you want to share. You can add new sticker packs by tapping the plus icon.

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