Who benefited…..when YouTube went missing?

“YouTube is missing!”

“Where did she go?”

That was the refrain throughout the global techie community on Tuesday.

For two agonising hours, techies surfed the net trying to log on to the most popular video-streaming site.

No more access to the latest sports videos.

No chance to download Mavin records’ latest music hit.

Agonizing moments not being able to see a replay or highlights of the Super Eagles’ escape against an angry Libyan side Tuesday night – that was the most popular Internet search by Nigerians

Imagine the hysteria in the YouTube headquarters – a company that has 1.5 billion users globally.

YouTube is the second most visited Internet site.

In less than two hours, there were over three million searches for YouTube in the United States alone.

While the confusion lasted, who benefited?

Well according to Google trends, notable live streaming services Vermio and Dailymotion smiled to the bank!!

With billions of users unable gain access to YouTube, many turned to alternative sources of video.

Google trends indicated a spike in the number of visitors to Vimeo and Dailymotion streaming services.




The panic mode gave way to relief as YouTube eventually sorted out the ‘technical glitch.’


Not everybody shared in the ‘good news’ though.


Eventually, YouTube services are fully back in operation.

These are some of the challenges tech-based business organizations encounter.

Downtime is not the end of the world, but the ability for service providers to respond to customer complaints in a timely fashion is very vital.