Why indigenous software developers deserve a ‘tax holiday’

An expert in software development, Mr Omoh Duke, has appealed to government to grant tax holiday to Nigerian software developing firms.

Duke, the CEO of ServeHub, an Abuja-based firm, says if software developers were exempted from paying tax, it would aid rapid economic development of the ICT sector to increase global competiveness.

Government should put more efforts to develope indigenous software capacity to reduce foreign software consumption with its attendant effect of draining the Nigerian economy.”

“Tax exemptions or holidays would ultimately boost local capacity.”

The expert said that software development was an expensive venture and without good government policies, foreign softwares would flood the market.

“Good government policies and an enabling business environment would encourage local software companies and boost local production,” he said.

He explained that since foreign software were designed for their peculiar environment, local developers should be encouraged to develop software useful for the African environment.