Why Nigeria should adopt more advanced methods to combat cyber-crime

If Nigeria does not adopt more advanced methods of combating cyber-crime, yearly revenue loss to the nation can increase to trillions of dollars, an expert has said.

Mrs Chinatu Uzuegbu, a Cyber Security Consultant at Rosetech Cybercrime Solutions Ltd, said this during the Cyber Security Meet-Up October edition, organised by the Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria in Lagos.

The theme of the event is “Cyber Security; How Safe Are We.“

She said the need for Nigeria to enhance effort in combating cyber-crime became important because as new technology emerged, cyber criminals were also running at the same pace to exploit vulnerabilities inherent on new systems.

“On a daily basis, thousands of new software applications ranging from desktop system to mobile apps are released and hackers keep threatening and gaining ground,’’ Uzuegbu said.

She also noted that private data were being breached, creating room for hackers to unduly monitor and track individuals and firms until they achieved their malicious intent.

Uzuegbu said that this was imminent because most victims of cyber-attack did not have prior knowledge on how to secure their resources.

She said that to avoid being victims of cyber-attacks, necessary software should be downloaded from authentic sources.

“Software from non-authentic sources may be modified by attackers to steal user information. While logging into any site, check the URL, it should be exactly the same as the site you want to log into.

“This is because attackers sometime create a fake login webpage similar to that of standard websites and ask users to enter their login credentials.

“People should also desist from using the same passwords for all their important accounts like online payment wallets, emails, social media platforms among others.

“Also, important software like browser and payment wallet apps should be updated regularly so that the apps will not be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.